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I thinks this movie was over 10 or 15 years old- I always thought Dave Boreanaz was the lead of criminal misfits- but searching his filmography on IMDB- it must not be him. All I remember is that a long haired guy is the head of a long red haird girl and a man who is considered mentally slow..and I think there was another member of this group and they are roaming the desert on an old car and they come across a man or an ex-cop who they kidnap and take him along on their horrific road trip of criminal activity- I remember a specific quote from the movie where the red headed girl is joking about the name GLENLIVIT .....when she is about to steal a bottle of liquor from a liquor store...maybe its GLEN FIDDICH....I also remember the head guy (who I always thought was Dave Boreanaz) beats on the mentally slow member of the group and ends up mortally wounding him (I think).... any help with what the title is would be great- thanks
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